The Extra Step Nominations – Individual Walker

“Hats Off For Taking The Extra Step Awards!”

ExtraStepNominationsWalkersWe want to recognize people participating who you feel have persevered or overcome a large obstacle to keep at walking. This isn’t about who took the most steps or signed up the most people or raised the most money.
We know how difficult this walk can be to take on when you have AS and we want to show our walkers that we understand how big of a challenge and decision it can be to join in and walk. We take our hats off and give a round of applause and recognition.
This is for team captains to nominate.
If you are a walker and have someone in mind you would like to nominate please speak with your team captain about submitting their name.
All nominated will get The Extra Step Badge and a new WYASO decal. Five walkers will receive a hats, badge, and decal. A panel of people will decide who the five people will be from going through the nominations. All nominations will be spotlighted on our blog so we will need at least one photo per nomination – preferably walk related.
Thank you very much!