Walk Your A.S. Off is received its 501c3 status in late 2016. Donations are critical as we work to complete this process and build a robust website infrastructure for global access to Walk Your A.S. Off.

Please feel free to inquire at any time at

We have been as successful due to the hard work of so many amazing volunteers. But there is so much work still to do.

Thank you for your continued and future support!


Jennifer Visscher
Founder & CEO, Walk Your A.S. Off

The first and most important thing that we’d like our readers to know is that we established Walk AS One as a registered non-profit organization with 501c3 status in late 2016.
We are now an official charity organization and we are registered with Amazon Smile.
Every purchase you make can help us.
Just click on the banner and or visit Amazon and choose Walk AS One as your preferred charity to help us out.

We support the organizations, non-profits, and foundations who support us! Walk Your AS Off is offering fundraising opportunities for teams & individuals.

Our walk’s main goals are to become more active, spread awareness, and to share the walk with our friends & family. It is a fun and engaging way to get ourselves and others moving more and learning about issues and difficulties surrounding spondylitis & related diseases.

Part of our long term goals are to help in funding research for a cure and many people asked what the fundraising opportunities were for the walk last year so that is why we are adding this for those who are interested.

Please let us know who you would like to raise money for and we will put them on our list. We are keeping these organizations to those who fund research for or provide services to people with a form of spondylitis.

We are providing the opportunity & resource materials to show you how to raise money and give it to your selected non-profit.

Pledge Sheets – Turn your walk efforts into a fundraising effort too.

You are not required to fundraise for Walk Your AS Off as this is an awareness project, but if you’d like to raise some money with your teams, these are the following organizations that we work with that are registered charity organization that could use your help in the race to find a cure for Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Walk AS One Non Profit

Walk AS One

Walk AS One is Walk Your AS Off’s parent organization. It received official 501C3 status in late 2016, which gives us full not-profit status. Our team at Walk AS One is an all volunteer organization.


Spondylitis Association of America


National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society


Canadian Spondylitis Association

Fighting For Ankylosing Spondylitis

Arthritis National Research Foundation

 Show Us Your Hands

International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement