2013 Teams

2013 WYASO Teams




  1. A.S. Busters – The Home Team for the Canadian Spondylitis Association
  2. Gregg’s Legs – Langley, BC – Team Captains Gregg & Sarah Lemieux are looking forward to counting our steps again this year and raising awareness!Helping people understand the disease makes you feel like your not fighting it alone.


  1. Team Ellan Vannin – Team Ellan Vannin is group of people from Arthritis Care Ellan Vannin which is based on a little island between England and Ireland called the Isle of Man and led by team captain Sarah.


  1. Bad AS Walkers in AZ – Tucson, Arizona
  2. Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – Fresno, California
  3. We’ve Got Your Back! For Fighting For Ankylosing Spondylitis – Santa Monica, California
  4. The SAA Home Team – Official Team for the Spondylitis Association of America –  Los Angeles, California
  5. AS Standing Tall Together – Washington State and California – Like Our Facebook Page: AS Standing Tall Together
  6. Team SarcASm – Southern California & West Virginia
  7. LOCOmotion for Lila – Wayland, Iowa
  8. The Blue Apples – Maine
  9. The Maine-iAcS – Maine
  10. The CL-A.S.-Y Walkers – Clarksville, Maryland
  11. Spondyville Fusers – New York and Spondyville
  12. Kicking A.S. & Taking Names Pearl River, New York
  13. Spirited Spondys – North Carolina
  14. Stepping with SpondyMom – Oregon
  15. Endurance For AS – Pittsburgh, PA
  16. Going The Distance – Fort Worth, Texas
  17. Hope Walkers – Austin, Texas
  18. Rockin’ Weebles: Weebles Kick A.S. New York and Michigan, USA
  19. Jaunt For Jim – Laura Estel & her team who are walking in honor of her Dad Jim who has A.S.
  20. Team S.W.I.F.T – Find S.W.I.F.T. on Facebook at Spondylitis Web Information For Teens
  21. Steppin’ For Susie – The Team Captain of Steppin’ For Susie is her Mom, Becky!
  22. Hebrews 12:13 – We walk to support Joseph, an Iraqi War Veteran who woke up on his 29th birthday in January 2012 to extreme pain. He was diagnosed with AS in February 2012. 
  23. Team Tidwell
  24. The Walkaways 
  25. AS Kickin’ 
  26. Fusing For A Better Future
  27. Get To Steppin  
  28. Happy Feet 
  29. Kickin’ It for Kynna 
  30. Spondy Slayers


Awareness Sheet created by Sabrina – Team Captain of Spirited Spondys! DOWNLOAD HERE in pdf!