Team Paws For Our Cause

pawsforourcauselogoIn 2014, after much debate and a few amazing stories, we decided to include our furry friends in our campaigns. We count their steps but they are shown separately and if the amount of steps from our pups ever became significant to make (others) feel we didn’t reach Mars without them – well then, we’d go those number of steps past the Red Planet and squash those nay sayers’ in extra steps for heaven’s sake! SO… our pups get credit where credit is due and you may record their steps and report them to us. To find out more about how we plan to accomplish this please read further!

In 2015 with the change to online step reporting we realized that the system isn’t really great for adding on a dog or two to your team. There are a number of reasons we won’t bore you with but a work-around was needed so that we wouldn’t need to get Team Captain Spike or Co-Cap Sadie their own emails.

Here’s the scoop: We’ll report here each week in the comments section and Spike & Sadie will enter those steps into one on their team page.

Now – if you’d like to register your pooch – please proceed by registering your fur baby at Team Paws for Our Cause.

Otherwise comment with the steps you have and we’ll update their page manually once a week. Now – if you do register your doggie with their own account (more power to you – Ella will get one once she’s recouped from knee surgery) then please don’t enter their steps via the comments below.

We think the Paws for Our Cause team is just awesome!