Stars To Mars Step Stats April 2016 to May 3rd

AS Buzzers

April 1, 2016 to May 3rd Step Stats

Hello, everyone. We have been pretty busy here at Walk AS One, but we haven’t been neglecting our step stats.

These are the team stats for April 1st to May 3rd, 2016.

1st Place – 18,160,498 steps – AS Buzzers – Great Britain


2nd Place – 5,617,695 steps – The Walking Spondies – Taiwan

3rd Place – 4,655,163 steps – Perseverance Warriors Against AS – US

4th Place – 3,770,765 steps – AS Busters – Canada

2,070,728 The Classy Walkers

1,869,660 AS Kickers

1,657,878 Endurance for AS

1,495,512 Assie Walkers (Australia)

1,363,701 Ria’s Kick AS Walkers

1,233,126 Get To Steppin’

1,172,066 Team Paws

999,373 We’ve Got Your Back

912,363 A Survivor

706,073 Kick AS Striders

655,298 Coach Matt’s AS Kickers

542,689 SAA

489,550 Team Torus Ankylosaurus

467,208 The Maine-iacs

297,953 The Spirited Spondies

284,288 Walk Your Illinois AS Off

265,793 The Blue Apples

265,124 Making Trax

225,530 Rockin’ Weebles

169,936 Ashley’s AS Kickers

165,659 Orange Apples

101,484 Fitch Feet

62,050 Hope Walkers

We have not counted any teams that have logged less than 20,000 steps at this point.

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A Canadian expat who has lived abroad in Asia since 2003, Carrie has been writing about her adventures in Asia since moving to Taiwan in 2006. She was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2009. Carrie joined the Walk Your AS Off community in 2014 with her Taiwan-based team, The Walking Spondies. She joined the Walk AS One Board of Directors in 2015.

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