AS We Walk Challenge and Funding

AsWeWalk_DoYouHaveAS We Walk we can help in the fundamental need of not only sharing about A.S. with others but also by asking the people we encounter if they have unexplained back pain.

Our newest initiative, AS We Walk allows teams to get together and Walk AS One wearing our “Do you have BACK PAIN” t-shirts and hand out pamphlets from our partner charities that discuss the need for early detection of A.S. via screening. For people who answer yes to this one simple question we can follow up with these questions:

  1. Onset of pain is usually under 35 years of age and is insidious
  2. Pain persists for more than three months (i.e., it is chronic)
  3. The back pain and stiffness worsen with immobility, especially at night and early morning
  4. The back pain and stiffness tend to ease with physical activity and exercise
  5. NSAIDs are very effective in relieving pain and stiffness in most patients

More information will be available soon on this challenge we’d like to see teams take up for World AS Day on May 2nd! Please comment below if you are interested.  Or help us fund it!

Help fund the AS We Walk initiative for World A.S. Day HERE!

We are looking for corporate sponsorship to cover the cost of the t-shirts and handouts. Sponsorship would be either (silver for $125) or (gold for $250) levels of support and your company logo would be on the t-shirts and handouts as our sponsors for the challenge. Sponsorship inquiries please email We will need a minimum of six gold levels or three silver levels to fund and administer this challenge. There will be only a set number of teams who can participate if we reach these sponsorship levels and will be first come first serve once we announce we have been fully funded. If we get more sponsors we’ll add more teams. Teams may self fund sponsorship and receive 10 t-shirts and 500 handouts at the silver level or 20 t-shirts and 1000 handouts at the gold level. All shipping is included to one location and the t-shirts will be available in Medium, Large, & X-Large only.