Million Step Challenge

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Many people have been asking about the “Million Steps To World A.S. Day” part of Walk Your A.S. Off and where the million steps come from. When conceiving this walk my initial hope was to find a sponsor to pledge a penny a step walked and logged by everyone participating. Finding sponsors sounds great right? But, as I work on health activism as an individual and not as a corporate entity or non-profit, I’m finding this task challenging. I truly believe as the community continues to rally around grassroots patient based efforts this will eventually change but it remains a slow trudge.

My friend John did the math and saw that it is possible to get one million personal steps before World A.S. Day. With 65 plus or minus days in each year’s challenge it can happen but it is most definitely not for everyone. If you are looking for a great challenge for active friends and family and people with AS who have a doctors approval, this is a wonderful challenge because it is possible with a concerted and determined effort.

In order to be able to have bragging rights and entry into the Million Steppers Club you are looking at approximately 15,000 steps per day or 7.5 miles or the daily 10,000 doctor recommended steps and a few long weekend walks. Last year John and I decided to attempt this. We had no idea if we could do it but here is what John said:

“A challenge: Is the goal of taking one million steps before World AS Day on May 4th, your personal goal? Or your team’s goal?

I bought my pedometer last week, and figured I take a baseline to see how many steps I take in my normal day. In my workday, I took about 6,000 steps (I have a desk job). Since there are 65 days between March 1st and May 5th, that should be about 400,000 steps total. (Sorry, I’m an engineer, and had to do the math).

Long ago, it was suggested that walking 10,000 steps a day will help you keep fit and healthy without the need for additional exercise. Most of us walk around 4,000-6,000 steps a day without even thinking about it. Even if you’re feeling bad, and don’t get out, you’ll still do around 2,000 steps.

I wanted to challenge myself, and figured if I publically state it, I’ll force myself to walk more.

So, my personal goal is to walk a million steps before World AS Day on May 4th.

I’m thrilled to be able to walk with fellow ASers, and hope you’ll join me in setting your own personal or team goals.”

I am so glad John brought this up & I decided to join him and state that my goal would be the same as John’s and I would attempt the million step challenge as part of my participation in Walk Your A.S. Off. I knew I might fall short but I was going to try.”

Well, last year I did fall short of my goal of walking the million step challenge but it will not dissuade me from trying again this year! We had 23 teams last year and we had 4 walkers enter into the Million Steppers Club! Will you be one of the next few?

I’m very, very excited! Who’s with us?

Please comment below if you’d like to attempt the Million Step Challenge this year!