Contributing Group Runs & Marathons

We partner with all types of Runs & Marathons who contribute their participants steps towards our goals.

Here are two ways of doing this & we are open to discuss other options as long as we inform & educate your participants about Walk Your A.S. Off & A.S. in general.

1. Share directly with your participants that their steps taken during your race will be donated to Walk Your A.S. Off and why – a bit about who we are and what A.S. is and where to get more information (we can provide you with copy). This can be in the form of an email, a webpage, a blog post, or a handout. Each participant that is directly aware and agreeable to donating their steps to Walk Your A.S. Off can then be tabulated based on your course length x 2000 steps/mile x number of participants. We cannot count steps of a participant who hasn’t been made aware of our goals and educated about Spondylitis.

2. Register a Contributing Group Run/Marathon below and we will set up a page on our website for your participants to register with us. These registrations will used for statistical purposes only & one thank you email will be sent from the walk at the end of our campaign year (mid May).  By way of coming here to our web page we cover the basis of informing registrants of our walk, goals, and educating participants about Spondylitis.

For additional information or possible step donations or partnership possibilities please contact Jennifer Visscher at