Chris Scott's Walk Your A.S. Off Wednesday Walker Spotlight

Wednesday Walker Spotlight: Chris Scott by Chris Scott
Hi, I’m Chris Scott. I am from McConnelsville, Ohio, where I live with my wife Carol and our Miniature Schnauzer, Kadie.
I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Spondylitis in 1999 and we’ve been waging a war on AS since. Like most of us, when I heard the words along with “No Cure” I thought, “well this is it”. But never being a person to take anything at face value, I went to work to find out everything that I could about this stuff and I brought my Rheumy along for the ride. I am constantly hounding him about new drugs and therapies that I come across in my research. I was the first in my area to be approved for Remicade when biologics first hit the market for AS. AS finally forced me to leave my job as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 2009.Since then I have come across many, many wonderful people. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several ASer’s at various AS Events around the Mid West and Canada.
ASer’s have completely blown me away as the strongest, and most caring group of people that I have ever been around. With everything that we have to deal with just to get through our daily lives, each one of us takes time to help our fellow ASer’s in some way.
I joined the “Faces of AS” team last year for the inaugural Walk Your AS Off. And got to know many more great people through that. This year Jenna has roped me…UHM… kindly asked me to become one of the Walk Ambassadors for this years event.. So I am one of your go to people for information and assistance during this year’s WALK YOUR AS OFF..
This year we are doing many new things associated with the Walk. One of them is going to be “Walk Your AS Off Wednesday”. Each Wednesday I want to Spotlight some of our walkers. So please send me a picture of you on your walk, and a little lighthearted profile about yourself… You can send them to me at [email protected] or through my FB page
I am also available for public speaking events, certified bikini contest judge, and modeling.
I hope that everyone has a great time this year as we dream BIG and set our sights on MARS, during Walk Your AS Off 2014!!
Faces of AS #394
If you are not familiar with The Faces of AS, please read my story and those of hundreds of other people who have Ankylosing Spondylitis.

3 thoughts on “Chris Scott's Walk Your A.S. Off Wednesday Walker Spotlight

  1. Susan says:

    Thank you for your story, Chris and for being such a wonderful support and assistant for walk your AS off and Jenna. You are a true ambassador.

  2. dearestbeloved says:

    Hi Chris, although I do not suffer from AS it is in the family. My grandmother in particular suffered terribly and my uncle has it, but medication keeps it more or less under control. I’ve had the gene test and know that I am clear, but I have 2 sisters who both refuse to have to the test …
    I am shooting for the moon! It is important to raise awareness of AS within the medical profession as well as in the general population given that it can take 10 years or more for an accurate diagnosis to be made – 10 years of pain and uncertainty that impact on quality of life and familial and professional relationships.
    I have two 30 minute walks a day (to and from work) and also lots of running around the office, so I regularly cover 5 miles a day (10,000 steps), hopefully all these steps will help Walk Your A.S. Off reach the moon.

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