Sundays On A Walk With Michael Smith – Week One

Today’s walk-ku by Michael Smith
My feet meet the road.
The road is cordial … at first.
Then things get bumpy.
Michael Smith a.k.a. Spenser is the creator of Spondyville is a town where everyone has AS, so no-one ever has to feel alone in dealing with this disease. He has been raising AS awareness online for almost 20 years. Five years ago, he started the April is Spondylitis Awareness Month campaign and last year co-produced the Best Medicine Night of Comedy fundraiser to benefit the Spondylitis Association of America. His current AS awareness project can be seen at Michael is also a playwright and poet. His popular weekly haiku blog is
In addition, his Spondyville weekly chat sessions held in the Spondy Cafe chat room have been meeting regularly since 1995.

2 thoughts on “Sundays On A Walk With Michael Smith – Week One

  1. JVisscher says:

    Walk-ku response (take one line of Michael’s haiku lines & create one of your own with two new lines)
    My feet meet the road
    walking through the snow and slush
    One step at a time

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