Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kelly

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kelly Warner by Chris Scott
Hello Walkers!!
It’s time for another Wednesday Walker Spotlight. This week I would like you to meet Kelly Warner. Kelly was rocking this years walk by taking on the Million Step Challenge. But yesterday she had a little mishap on her bike. We are all hoping that she makes a speedy recovery and is soon back in step and not hurting.
Kelly is 42 and lives in Washington state. She received her diagnosis of AS and related conditions at the age of 28. Kelly struggled with AS for many years before facing it head on a few years ago and deciding to not let her AS control her anymore. She is an avid biker and I’m sure she is looking forward to getting back on her bike after a little rest. Kelly also enjoys fishing, walking, and swimming. And has gone back to school. She tutors adults and children in math and volunteers for various activities. She also loves going to concerts.
Kelly says that life has been more thrilling when she gets out of herself instead of dwelling on the pain of the disease. That’s a great outlook Kelly!!
We all hope that you aren’t laid up too long after your accident, and make a fast and full recovery!!

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