Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Gregg of Team Gregg's Legs

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Gregg  by Chris Scott & Tracy Lemieux
GreggsLegsHello Walkers!! We’ve had another great week of walking and are well on our way to reaching the Moon!!
This week’s Spotlight is a little different. This is Gregg’s Story as told by his mom, Tracy Lemieux.
Tracy formed her team, “Team Gregg’s Legs” to support her son as he battles AS and its related problems, and to try to raise awareness in their area, Langley, BC, Canada.
Tracy shares the following with us.
“My 31 yr old son Gregg was diagnosed about 3 yrs ago, actually quite by accident. Through his youth and teen years he had many separate issues that involved back pain, foot and heal pain, stomach issues etc. many of these problems were accounted for due to growing, the sports he played (lacrosse and rugby) as well as his job which involved heavy lifting and long hours of driving. His back and hip pain often caused him to miss work, usually diagnosed as pulled muscles, but he would often say that he just didn’t feel that was the issue. It never seemed to improve and there were never any other answers. He was out of town, on a weekend that he purposed to his now fantastic wife, when he developed pain in his eyes. Thinking it was pink eye he didn’t visit a doctor immediately. When he did he was sent immediately to an ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with Iritis. She sent him for blood tests and he had the HLA B27 gene. And so his journey began. Visits to a rheumy, gp, gastro dr , ophthalmologist etc.
His disease is progressing, he is now on disability from work as well as government CPP pension. So far he has tried Humira, Methotrexate , Simponi and is currently trying Remicade. Hoping he can get some relief soon but his liver does not take kindly to the medications
This past week has been his worst flare ever, leaving him not able to get about with out the aid of a cane….anyways you know the story.
I guess my motivation for starting a team is to show him our support and try to lift his spirits as he tries to come to terms with this life altering disease. And to invite his friends to become aware of AS and the challenges he faces. To hopefully give them and others a better understanding, as well as compassion, because it breaks my heart to see my son have to take on this challenge.
We don’t know anyone else in our area that has the disease and most people we speak to have no idea. We get the usual, ” I get arthritis in my wrists” etc
I sure hope there is a cure but don’t think I will see it, but wish it happens in the near future.
My personal goal is to have fun, raise awareness in my community of people, oh yes…and help us get to the moon!!!!”
Thanks, Tracy, for sharing Gregg’s story with us and this photo of Gregg and his wife, Sarah.
Each and every Spotlight proves the strength and compassion of AS’ers and their families. We are a very special breed, and that is why we are going to Walk Our AS’s Off. all the way to the Moon to make people aware of our stories and AS!!
If you would like to be a Wednesday walker Spotlight or have a team member with an interesting story to tell, Contact Chris Scott at or
Chris Scott was diagnosed with Psoriatic Spondylitis in 1999 and he’s been waging a war on AS since. When Chris received the diagnosis, he went to work to find out everything he could about this AS & he works along side his Rheumatologist, hounding him about new drugs and therapies. AS finally forced Chris to leave his job as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 2009. Since that time, he’s come across many, many wonderful people and has had the pleasure of meeting several ASer’s at various AS Events around the Mid West and Canada. Chris writes our Wednesday Walker spotlight.

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