Grab Your Friends & Walk For A.S. Awareness Month!

Jennifer, the team captain of Going The Distance, contacted me yesterday to share with me some ideas she and her fellow team mates had about getting together to do some team walks. I loved her enthusiasm and excitement so I asked her to write a few paragraphs about her ideas and how they came about. Here is what Jennifer wrote:


“Easter Sunday I gathered with my family who are also part of my “Walk Your A.S. Off” Team.  While discussing the walk, a very innocent question was asked…
“When can we do a GROUP Walk?”
Seemed easy enough, but it is all I have thought about the last 24 hours.  We have completed 1 month so far. How do we keep everyone motivated and inspired for the 2nd half of the campaign?
Here is what I propose.  How about we ALL do a group walk?  My family, my friends and I will be meeting at a local park to log some steps!  We are in Texas but I also have team members in NY, MD, FL, and Costa Rica.  For those team members, I simply ask that they too walk on the same day and if possible, the same time.
That is my proposal.  I also added a challenge.  If your family and friends are like mine, they LOVE a challenge.  I am challenging ALL my team members to recruit NON TEAM members for our Group Walk and have those NON MEMBERS donate their steps to the campaign!  If we are lucky, maybe we will turn some of our NON MEMBERS into members!  The more members the better chance of us all reaching the moon!”
Jennifer – Team Captain
So, who’s up for the challenge? Let’s get some guest steps to add to our totals this month!

6 thoughts on “Grab Your Friends & Walk For A.S. Awareness Month!

  1. Susan says:

    Wonderful! I’m having walkers recruit walkers and I love it! Great going, Jennifer! Thank you for being a captain, too.

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