Tiara's Tuesday Talk – The Rewards Of Not Giving Up!


I spent most of Sunday on my butt and whilst there I was hemming and hawing over what to write. I mean, I feel like I need to give 5 days of thought, 1 day  to chill about it and about an hour to actually type something (if that…). One thing that came to mind and I kind of played around with was this. ↑ errrr…. More like ↗. Never give up.
I’m stubborn. I know those who know me well are hardly shocked by this revelation but for everyone else just play along like it’s shocking. Somewhere, somehow, someone put something into me about not being a quitter and it stuck. I can’t even quit dying Easter eggs if they aren’t all made into pretty little beauties.


Okay okay in all honesty I have to wait until all the other eggs are dyed to start the ugliest egg contest.

Now this stubborn streak has its perks for the walk. We just keep going. We need to all take a note from the book of the energizer bunny. He kept going and going and going and going and going… In reality we all walk somewhere at sometime, even if it 2 steps to the potty so just count up those 2 steps and send them to us! For me though, it means getting through one of the worst times of the year. The dreaded Spring. Even though it sucks, we’ll make it through.


I’m not sure how many of you thought I was kidding when I said we had three out of the 4 seasons in one weekend, but we do where I come from. Today it was 48 and rainy, yesterday it was sunny and almost 60 at one point. And all that RAIN! The grass goes squish when you step on it.
Also we like to take a literal spin on the
april thing…
Spring is damp, cold, shifting temperatures to humid, hot, muggy, rain and finally ending in great finesse with summer. You can wear shorts during the day sometimes but may need a parka that very night. You can plant your flowers, gardens and veggies after Mother’s Day and that’s to avoid the last frost. Water left outside still freezes. So do wives when the air conditioning is left on at nighttime.
I’m sure a few of you, or all, have gotten what I’m getting at… Fast changing temperatures, humidity, dampness, etc… Makes for some very
AcheyBreakyHeart   JOINTS!
So now let’s throw in trying to walk, 5 miles a day or more. My body is happy that we aren’t sitting as much most of the time but some of the parts are starting to request more couch surfing. My knees want a refund on all their years of hard service.  I already sent them a partial refund. I told them the check is in the mail.
Even with all of these obstacles, I’m Never Giving Up! One of the good parts about being more active this time of year is REWARDS. Walking in the spring equals weight loss which equals eating ice cream without caring (which of course negates the weight loss).  I guess I’ll have to skip the cherry on top.
SaraSheibleySara Sheibley is a wife and mother of four.  Through out most of her life she has dealt with chronic illness. Born with small fiber axonal polyneuropathy, she had aches and pains early on but wasn’t diagnosed with AS until 2008. Since then she has had to champion her own cause after she developed hemalytic anemia from treatments. Although she suffers with more than just AS, she feels that this is her primary illness and wants to be active in helping the cause. Sara & her Tiara’s Tuesday Talk will discuss a myriad of topics from assistive devices to walking help when you have other illnesses to consider.

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