Step Totals – Week 1 Through Week 6

What an amazing job everyone!
Here’s the break down:
Total: 341,341,683
People: 330,649,767
Paws: 10,691,916
Let’s finish strong! We’re averaging around 63 million steps per week which is just awesome everyone! We have a couple of big walk events coming up that will add some pretty big numbers but I’d love if we could hit a BILLION steps this year (might be a stretch but we’ll be posting some ways to get additional donations in the next couple of weeks). Last year we took 654,568,770 collective steps. Do you think we can hit a BILLION this year?
For the record – Mars is a LONG way off. We hope with the growth of the walk each year that over a ten year period (the average time it takes to receive a diagnosis of AS) that we can get there. But so you know, it is about 80 Billion steps to Mars. We’ll start with our steps from last year since we were already to the moon and beyond so no need to begin our journey from the start but we’ll need to grow this walk in a very large way over the upcoming years to reach our goal by 2024. I hope you’ll decide to take this journey and be with it for the long haul. It is a commitment but one I know we can accomplish together.
I’d like to thank each and every one of you for every step you have taken so far in working towards AS Awareness and research for a CURE one day! I can see that day in the future – I truly can – especially with all of you walking together for one another.
Bravo walkers!

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