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Hello everyone – Jenna here!
I am writing this week’s Monday Motivation (ok… on Tuesday) for Heather because she isn’t feeling so great unfortunately. Please send her some good vibes – & a comment below would be lovely.
When I heard from her yesterday I told her I would write something so not to worry. I immediately knew what I wanted to write about – the motivation we get from our teammates and fellow travelers on this AS Walk. I feel inspired by their courage, their grit, and their dedication and those qualities motivate me beyond measure! Here are some of our teammates (of various teams) who motivate me; I know they will motivate you as well.
I am motivated by Heather Stewart and her amazing blog posts and music but I personally know Heather and I am most inspired by her tenacity and grace in dealing with the multitude of difficulties thrown her way.
I am motivated by Sara Tiara Sheibley who chats with us week after week in a positive and very real way despite her health challenges. She wears her tiara as a badge of courage and a reminder that she can endure. (It also looks super cute) – just sayin’.
GoalEnjoyI am motivated by Gillian Eames and her team in the UK who have over 100 teammates to inspire and motivate one another and their very strong and connected team have not only put up excellent numbers but raised over 600 £ for NASS! They decided to create one fundraising campaign and work together as a team to raise money – what a great model for next year – and what amazing motivation!
I am motivated by Vic Parnell who has walked with us for three years running! He has come so close to the Million Step Challenge every year and it looks like he may just make it this year! Bravo Vic!!! (Sorry if I’m congratulating you early but I can just feel it that you will do it this year.)
I am motivated by Sabrina, Gail, Jessica, Erin, Michael, John, Jason, Ria, Gilly, Jean, Kathy, Doug, Susan, Jennifer, Jacquie, Erica, Michelle, Colleen, Joyce, Britt, Adam, Casey, Melinda, Lauren, Adrienne, Tony, Melissa, Robin, Liz, Tess, Kayla, Ashley, Leigh, Blue, Rose, Carrie, Melanie, Joy, Heather, Diana, Robyn, Marcos, Tim, Lynette, Abbe, Karen, Derek, Caitlin, Bruce, Shelly, Zhivko, Marc, Richare, Sarah & Gregg, Seoirse, Amber, Chris, Helgi, and every person who has contributed one step or one million steps at any point in time over the three years we’ve walked to raise awareness.
I’m motivated by my friends who walk, by strangers who walk, by the thousands of people worldwide participating to help create an environment and a community of people with AS and their supporters, for this community cannot be stopped if we say the course.
Thank you all for keeping your teammates motivated and inspired!
I’m not as good at picking songs as Heather but here are some fun ones!


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