2014 Walk Your A.S. Off – Step Announcement

What an amazing year we’ve had! We are well on our way to Mars now walkers and it is all thanks to you – every person who took even one step towards our goal. Thank you.
Thank you to all of our team captains  – Joyce Lameire, Michael Mallinson, Bruce Williams, Michelle Fitch, Colleen Vasquez, Ashley Laughlin, Gillian Anderson, Marlin and Jacquie Gregor, Leigh Costello, Aoife Brady,  Ria Bower, Michele Seher, Tess Johnson, Adrienne Taren, Gregg & Sarah Lemieux, Jessica Upchurch, Karen Hall, Melanie Long, Robin Kindrick, Susan Swarts, Prashanth BP, Melissa Levanduski, Caitlin O’Leary, Tony King, Robyn Dishong, Abbe Kaufman, Lauren Cabanas, Susan Dye, Chris Scott, Gillian Eames, Jean Morton, Kathy Miller, Erin Filipich, Sabrina Diane Marzniak, Michael Smith, Amber Panagos, Seoirse Smith, Jennifer Kersten, Karen Fitch, Diana Kardia, Heather Haskins, Casey Sullivan, Joy Davis, Tara Giles, Britt Johnson, Sarah Gustwiller, Melinda Frisch, Carrie Kellenberger, Gail Wright, Rose Richardson, Lynette Warren, Erica Levi, Blue Olson, and Lisa Pisenti.
A big thank you to our bloggers Sara Sheibley, Heather Stewart, Chris Scott, and Joyce Wallace – you make our walk richer, more personal and always motivating!
Congratulations walkers – what a truly amazing effort! By activating you advocating spirit, you moved people to motivate and contribute to our quest for a cure and our vision of a world free of AS. YOU have increased awareness worldwide – the first steps in reaching our goals! On top of that – you are doing something very positive for your health. We hope you continue on with your pedometers and that we’ll see you next year. Please make sure you are signed up for our newsletter because we may be holding a one day walk off in October for World Arthritis Day as well as host a once a month step reporting for anyone wishing to be part of our year-round walk club!
For more on how the numbers add up please visit – How The Numbers Stack Up
We can’t thank you enough!
Walk On Walkers – Walk On,
– The Team at Walk Your A.S. Off

More Info About The Steps:

Walk Total 2014 – 674,572,987

Number of Teams: 48
Team Steps:  646,027,979
pAwS Steps:  21,078,173
Down To Run:  7,394,600
The Sweatshop: 72,235
Walk Total 2013 – 654,568,770
Number of Teams: 37
Team Steps: 509,003,770
San Dimas Road Race: 95,565,000
Umstead Coalition:  50,000,000 http://wp.me/p354FD-hr
Walk Total 2012 – 63,978,087
Number of Teams: 21
For information on how to register a group run, event, or walk can be found HERE.

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