How The Numbers Stack Up

After circling the globe, then reaching the moon, we have headed off towards worlds unknown – MARS!
We haven’t shared much how big this goal actually happens to be – honestly we were afraid to freak you out or discourage you. As Jennifer shared in a blog post last year, Imagine what we are doing – and it may help you understand the thinking behind such a bold move.
So – here is the scoop… We need approximately 80 Billion Steps to get to Mars and this is why we’ve set a time frame of ten years to accomplish this. Even with ten years, or approximately 2024 (well ahead of the projected time frame proposed by NASA of 2030) it is a stretch. Here are some calculations to help show you what we need to do to make this possible.
Low estimates for projections sake:
For every 1000 people we can go 500,000,000 steps in 2 months or a half a Billion steps.
If we expand the walk next year to 4000 people walking (up from approximately 1300 this year) then we could expect to go 2 Billion Steps next year so how do we get to 80 Billion steps you ask?
We need 20,000 people participating each year.
The image shows that we haven’t made the first rung of the ladder we’re climbing… or walking!
Think we can do it?
Place your bets – go ahead and doubt us. We’ve got amazing people who are dedicated to do this and I have no doubt in my mind it can happen with hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of luck!
Have we discouraged you or pumped you up for our future walks? Please let us know what you think! Remember, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough! We need something epic to garner the world’s attention – perhaps this is it!

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