Stars To Mars Step Stats – May 4th to May 15th

May 4-15th Step Stats

May 4rd to May 15th Step Stats

Hello, everyone. We have been pretty busy here at Walk AS One, but we haven’t been neglecting our step stats.

These are the team stats for May 4th to May 15th 2016. We have two weeks left to walk our AS off, and we want to hear from you. If you have a story that you would like to share or a photo, please contact us at [email protected]!

It’s interesting to note that our top teams have all doubled their team step counts in just a few short weeks. The Orange Apples, led by Team Captain Gillian Eames, have come out of nowhere to take 4th place. We know that Gillian is a real powerhouse for her team members.

AS Busters from Canada are hot on their heels though.

Will Perseverance Warriors be able to overtake The Walking Spondies in these last two weeks? The competition is fierce!

Please get your steps in. We are hurtling through space towards Mars!

1st PLACE – 30,776,068 steps

AS Buzzers – Great Britain

2nd PLACE – 9,272,280 steps –

The Walking Spondies – Taiwan

3rd PLACE – 8,878,100 steps

Perseverance Warriors Against AS – US

4th PLACE – 8,756,438 steps

Orange Apples – Great Britain

5th PLACE – 7,226,906

AS Busters – Canada

3,938,190 The CLASY Walkers

3,739,867 Assie Walkers

3,533,054 AS Kickers

3,015,121 Making Trax

2,677,819 Endurance for AS

1,949,116 We’ve Got Your Back

1,927,109 Get To Steppin

1,738,387 PAWS

1,504,047 Walk Your ILLinois AS Off

1,303,725 Kick AS Striders

1,163,611 The Maine-iacs

1,108,498 Coach Matt’s AS Kickers

1,071,580 Rockin’ Weebles

912,363 A-Survivor

5,524,323 Ria’s Kick AS Walkers

781,081 Team Torus Ankylosaurus

741,222 SAA Home Team

703,053 Blue Apples

528,597 Ashley’s AS Kickers

297,953 The Spirited Spondy’s

180,214 Hope Walkers

101,484 Fitch Feet

23,352 Whooping Some AS

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