Team Spotlight 2016: Torus Ankylosaurus

A.S. Party 20016 4
Our team, Torus Ankylosaurus, celebrated crossing the finish line on May 31st, 2016! This is our second annual WYASO celebration and it won’t be our last. We stuck with a blue and orange theme again for our celebration. (It’s hard to change it up, lol!)
We had blue cheese burgers and blue claw crab, candied carrots, orange mango salsa with blue chips and, of course, orange and blue mixed drinks!
We had a great time playing board games and dancing! We ended the day with cake, a movie, and some gifts that I was not expecting! I have always been a science nerd. I have a small fossil collection and my husband surprised me with a tooth from an Ankylosaurus!A.S. Party 2016 3
I’ve been dreaming about a fused scute from an Anky, but they are, of course, way too expensive. But now I have a tooth!
Fun fact, Ankys have the smallest teeth of any dinosaur relative to their body size. I never even knew that. I also received an unbelievable gift from a very special friend after sharing my experience with “The Traveling Spoon”.
A.S. Party 20016 1If you have not heard of the “Spoon Theory”, it is a must read by Christine Miserandino at My dear friend has surprised me with a spoon pin of my own, and I could not be more proud!
My team and I did great this year and we are looking forward to next year! Thank you to every one for making Walk Your AS Off possible.

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