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Announcement: LEKI supports WYASO 2020

We are pleased to welcome LEKI as a supporting partner of this year’s Walk Your AS Off (WYASO) and thank them for their generous donation of prizes which will be disseminated to participants.

You Can Now Order a WYASO Banner!

That’s right. We now have a banner you can hold high as you walk with your team. Let the world know why you are walking, and help raise awareness for A.S.!

Walk Your AS Off 2019

This year’s Walk Your AS Off (WYASO) event is almost upon us!

A few small things have changed this year that we want to let you know about, but first an announcement… drum roll, please…

World AS Day 2018 — Selfie Contest

Would you like to win a Fitbit, a signed bestselling book, or a Walk Your AS Off cap?  Then you’re in luck, because that is what we are giving away to three lucky winners! How to enter: Post a minimum of 10 selfies to an individual Instagram account tagged with the hashtag #ASwalkSelfie and #worldASday. The selfies need to be posted on May 5th to be eligible. This contest is open to anybody, worldwide, regardless of whether they are a registered for Walk You AS Off or not. Please note: we can only search public Instagram accounts and share public… Read More »World AS Day 2018 — Selfie Contest

A Dedication to Melinda Frisch — Team: The ClASsy Walkers

Kicking Cancer’s Ass/The ClASsy Walkers Joel: We would like to welcome all our dear friends and family and to thank the community for honoring the life of Melinda Siegel Frisch. My sister, Hannah, and I would like to tell you a little bit about our mom, and why we loved her so much, while sharing some of our fondest memories of her. Hannah: Mom was the true definition of a warrior. Back in the days of no internet and no cell phones, she moved to Spain for a year to study Spanish. Through her studies, she met three of her… Read More »A Dedication to Melinda Frisch — Team: The ClASsy Walkers

A Dedication to Diane Cappelli — Team: Kick AS Striders

Diane Cappelli was born in August of 1960 in NJ. It wasn’t until she was about 16 years old that she started to experience lower back pain. At that time, doctors were unsure why she was experiencing this pain but decided since they didn’t know why they would prescribed pain medications for her to deal with the pain. Her diagnosis stayed status quo until about 15 years ago when one doctor who was familiar with AS, investigated her back pain. The results showed that while she was negative for HLA-B27, her SI joint started bi-lateral fusion. He recommended her to… Read More »A Dedication to Diane Cappelli — Team: Kick AS Striders

Walk With Me A While

Image Source (Creative Commons) Guest post: Anita Dasson I’ve had chronic pain on and off since childhood, and have now been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and a few other health conditions. I had an MRI for my spine yesterday. I’ve received the films and I am waiting for the report and specialist consultation. Although some areas on the films look suspicious, I can’t help taking the films out and trying to make sense of them over and over again. Waiting is the hardest bit. There are lots of conflicting thoughts and anxieties bounce around inside my head and heart. What’s… Read More »Walk With Me A While

Just Say NO

Guest Author: Christina Lowe Do you ever feel like you’re always saying yes, but your body is screaming NO! I will be the first to admit it, so no one feels guilty right off the bat, I am horrible at saying NO. Especially when I want so very badly to say YES. I have always been that person that has gone, and done, “Oh sure, I don’t mind.” Until I sat down in the car, or got home that night and the day caught up with me. I started to notice something wasn’t quite right, and it’s not just because… Read More »Just Say NO

Living Abroad with Ankylosing Spondylitis in Japan

In November of 2015 I packed my things, moved out of my apartment, sold my car, and went to Japan. It’s a cliche expat story, but it’s mine! Any person would be nervous about a move of that magnitude. New language, new culture, new job, new home, new everything. I had to move my AS there with me too, so in addition to all that I had to worry about a new doctor, a new climate, and a whole new lifestyle. Allow me to paint you a picture of then and now. Virginia, USA I wake up early, 5:30 or… Read More »Living Abroad with Ankylosing Spondylitis in Japan