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Announcement: LEKI supports WYASO 2020

We are pleased to welcome LEKI as a supporting partner of this year’s Walk Your AS Off (WYASO) and thank them for their generous donation of prizes which will be disseminated to participants.

Walk Your AS Off 2019

This year’s Walk Your AS Off (WYASO) event is almost upon us!

A few small things have changed this year that we want to let you know about, but first an announcement… drum roll, please…

The LOVE Run in Taipei – The Walking Spondies

On May 15, 2015, two members from The Walking Spondies participated in the LOVE Run in Taipei, Taiwan to help raise awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis and associated diseases. Together, they logged over 30,000 steps during their race for our team. David Mitchell from Scotland and Saou-Wen Su from Taiwan, along with over 3,000 other marathoners, began their race at 7am on Saturday morning. David completed the half-marathon 21km course in under two hours. He placed 37th out of 3020 participants. Woo-hoo, David! What an incredible accomplishment. During that time, he logged 22,052 steps for our team. Saou-Wen ran the 7km course and donated 7,797 steps. Way… Read More »The LOVE Run in Taipei – The Walking Spondies

Why Walk?

Why walk? Walking can be really tough. There was a time when my AS felt horrible after walking, even high impact activity such as running felt better. When you have a spondylitis disease, any and all activity feels completely out of the question at times. There are days when I force myself to do exercise and I’m still a ball of pain. Flares can be very stubborn. If it feels so bad to move, why do it? Because it feels worse not to. Every time I’ve given myself a break from exercise, it’s made me feel worse and flares last… Read More »Why Walk?

The Healing Power of Yoga

I started casually practicing yoga my freshman year of college. I took a Yoga class, and I was surprised to find how relaxed and energized I felt after each class. I noticed that my mobility was improving and my back did not hurt nearly as much after class as it did before. As my back and joint pain worsened through the years, I still found myself feeling my best after yoga class. I knew that I was not the most flexible, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get my body into some of the harder poses. However,… Read More »The Healing Power of Yoga

Sabrina's Daily Dose – Exercise

Sabrina’s Daily Dose: Exercise I hear many Spondylitis patients say all the things they can’t do regarding exercise. Now I’m not going to dispute that there are days exercise is physically not possible but I will dispute that we can’t do it at all. I know fully fused Spondys that Move Their AS still. They may not be doing jumping jacks or running a marathon but they are stretching their stiff bodies and doing whatever they can to keep mobility as long as they can. I am not able to do exercise like others or as long as others but… Read More »Sabrina's Daily Dose – Exercise