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Year Two – 2013

Tiara's Tuesday Talk – EVERY Step Matters

Tiara’s Tuesday Talk – by Sara Sheibley   Everyone compares. It’s the whole keeping up with the Joneses thing. “Hey look! The Joneses got a flower bed. I need a flower bed.” “The Joneses bought a new car. I need a new car.” Wow… Jenna (Yes I am picking this wonderful woman) had 16,521 steps yesterday. I only did 4587. I should do better. I’m letting everyone down. I… I… I… Notice what happens once the comparison materializes. We take something good about someone else and warp it into a downward spiral of self-deprecation, deeming ourselves unworthy or incapable, not good… Read More »Tiara's Tuesday Talk – EVERY Step Matters

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kelly

  Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kelly Warner by Chris Scott Hello Walkers!! It’s time for another Wednesday Walker Spotlight. This week I would like you to meet Kelly Warner. Kelly was rocking this years walk by taking on the Million Step Challenge. But yesterday she had a little mishap on her bike. We are all hoping that she makes a speedy recovery and is soon back in step and not hurting. Kelly is 42 and lives in Washington state. She received her diagnosis of AS and related conditions at the age of 28. Kelly struggled with AS for many years before… Read More »Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kelly

Musical Motivation Monday – Week Three

Go to any sporting event and you’ll find them. They can be in a squad, dressed as a mascot, or even the fans organizing the wave – Cheerleaders! The eternal pep squad there to encourage the players to do their best and to get the fans engaged in the game, set, and/or match. They even have their own competitions and cheerleader fans. We on Team Rockin’ Weeble have our own fans and cheerleaders dedicated to pushing us to walk beyond what we believe we can do and reminding us why we are doing this. One in particular is Andrew “Tom”… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – Week Three

Anything For A Good Cause – Well, Almost Anything!

Hi! I’m Abbe and I live in a VERY small town in Southeastern Iowa. I grew up here and I pretty much love it. It’s one of those nice little places where you find out from your neighbors and friends what you’ve been up to. 😉 Typically around here, and in my family, it’s “stay under the radar” and “don’t rock the boat” so I was raised to be quite reserved. If I didn’t know you, I didn’t talk to you unless I absolutely had to. You could say I was almost painfully shy. I also was not into sports… Read More »Anything For A Good Cause – Well, Almost Anything!

Step Report – First 10 Days!

  We are off to an amazing start! I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation to date! We have many weeks ahead but I sure hope you can see it will be worth the effort and lots of fun along the way. We have many new things coming up to help us reach the moon! If we continue on this course we won’t quite make our goal. Let’s find ways together to get more people involved and share and educate people about spondylitis while we are at it. Last year we took a TOTAL of 63,978,087 steps!… Read More »Step Report – First 10 Days!

Sundays On A Walk With Michael – Week Two

Today’s walk-ku by Michael Smith double haiku: My walk tired me, I rested under a tree, my thoughts wandering. But my wandering thoughts did not rest. In fact, they went and ran ahead.       Michael Smith a.k.a. Spenser is the creator of Spondyville is a town where everyone has AS, so no-one ever has to feel alone in dealing with this disease. He has been raising AS awareness online for almost 20 years. Five years ago, he started the April is Spondylitis Awareness Month campaign and last year co-produced the Best Medicine Night of Comedy fundraiser to benefit… Read More »Sundays On A Walk With Michael – Week Two

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Joe Tidwell

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Joe Tidwell by Kim Anderson   Joe Tidwell started feeling severe back pain when he was 12 or 13 years old. The pain was so intense that he would often stay home from school and lay in bed. The doctors that he sought help from at that time did not think that there was anything wrong with him. By the time he got into high school, the doctors would tell his mother, Cindy, that the pain was “all in Joe’s head” and that he was simply trying to get out of going to school. His mother, being… Read More »Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Joe Tidwell

Musical Motivation Monday – Week One

It’s MONDAY!!! Day 4 of our journey to the moon. Every journey begins with that first step. We are like children learning to stand; we need something to hold on to, to brace us as we pull ourselves up and get our feet under us so that we can take that first step.  This walk, Walk Your A.S. Off, is our something sturdy, that we will be holding on to as we gain the courage to stand and then walk for ourselves, our friends, our loved ones, and those around the world who have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Raising awareness for a… Read More »Musical Motivation Monday – Week One

A Walk in Malita, Davao Del Sur, Philippines With Ivanhoe Ardiente

I first met Ivanhoe through AS Facebook friends a couple of years ago. His story & struggles with his fused joints are heart wrenching and inspiring at the same time. Ivanhoe has not only a fully fused back but fusing in one shoulder and both hips. His body has become a cage limiting movement in a way so many cannot even begin to imagine. And yet, his spirit soars – uncaged – it takes flight through his kind acts and most especially through his talent with a paint brush. Ivan asked me if he could walk for Walk Your A.S.… Read More »A Walk in Malita, Davao Del Sur, Philippines With Ivanhoe Ardiente

AS Bloggers On Awareness – Blog Carnival One

We’ve asked the community of AS Bloggers to write & submit a blog post for our Blog Carnivals happening periodically over the span of our walk. This week we are sharing posts submitted about: Awareness, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Leading the way is Ricky of Endless Trax who wrote a very compelling post last year about what awareness means to him. I asked him to include the link to that post along with the post he wrote this year specifically for this carnival. Ricky asks, “Is awareness just for people who have never heard of AS? Or… Read More »AS Bloggers On Awareness – Blog Carnival One