Let’s Set Some Goals!


Hello WYASO Warriors!

I’m thrilled to see what a great start we have for our 2016 spring season! The awareness that is happening in the AS community for AS Awareness month is stellar this year. There are blue toe nails everywhere thanks to Cookie Hopper and Helgi Olafson and the SAA Twitter & Instagram contest is in full swing. Sabrina is sharing her Daily Dose and those are just amazing this year. The talk of the walk is ramping up and new walkers are registering all the time! It’s not too late to form a team – stepping starts officially on May 1st!

So now we start thinking about goals both individually and for the walk as a whole! As many of you know we have had some really great walk goals in the past. In year one we circled the globe. In year two we made it to the moon! And, last year we headed off past the moon towards our HUGE goal of reaching Mars and being the first to place steps on that planet! It’s all in fun of course but I think we can beat NASA there, don’t you? It could take us 10 years – or about the amount of time it takes to  for a person to receive the diagnosis of AS.

I think we could have done a BILLION steps this year if we were still walking and recording steps for two months but now that we have changed the walk some this year I think a goal of half a BILLION steps is a great goal.

What are your goals?

Are you raising money for one of our partner charities or looking to shed a few pounds? Maybe you want 10 friends to join you and help you contribute as many steps as possible to the walk this year. We’re going to be giving away a hat a week during May for the ASer who has the most friends contributing steps in their honor! Simply have them join your team & let your team captain know who your friends are that have joined and keep track of their contribution. (more on this soon)

Maybe you want to walk to be able to walk to the end of your street by the end of the walk – that is a great goal! This walk is for all abilities – I can’t stress that enough. Individual goals are just that – for you and you alone. But setting goals gives us something to work towards. Make those goals – how you want – and we’ll cheer you on!

Share with us if you’d like what your team and individual goals are – we’d love to know and help you make them happen.

Let’s get ready to walk this!



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Jennifer Visscher

Director and Founder at Walk Your A.S. Off
Jennifer Dye Visscher started Walk Your A.S. Off in 2012 after realizing her work was not done after completing a year long AS awareness campaign called Art Apple A Day. During that year Jenna created a piece of art of an apple every day for a year to help raise awareness of the disease she and nearly 33 million people worldwide struggle with - Ankylosing Spondylitis. When Jenna is not developing and growing the soon to be non-profit, Walk AS One (the name of the organization this walk and others will be run under), she is a real estate agent in Maine where she lives with her husband Doug, their dog Ella and a not so little cat named Bitty.

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  1. emma gilchrist

    on May 5, 2015 at 1:41 pm


    I am getting stressed out as cant record steps!!! x

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