Let's Finish STRONG – Only TEN Days to go!

Can you believe it?
We’ve been walking together for 55 days! I know we can start to get weary at this point – but I also know that since we are ASers (both literally & in spirit) and because of our life experience of living with challenges day in and day out – that we can make it to the end!
We will start posting our Super Steppers! Super steppers are folks who have showed heart, gut, and perseverance during this event. Get those steps in, recruit a friend or two in these last 10 days, spread some AS Awareness and be a hero to 33 million people world wide who live with a form of spondylitis and so very badly want the world to have heard of and have a basic understanding of the disease we live with, struggle with, and work to live with in the most positive way possible! We are each other’s stars – WE CAN DO THIS!

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