Why I Walk; Why You Walk

Team Fitch FeetWhy I Walk for Walk Your A.S. Off

Why do I walk?

I walk because I have to. I walk because walking is a fundamental action that on certain days seems impossible to me. I walk because spending a few weeks counting my steps, managing a team and encouraging others is what I do.

Why do you walk?

Well, if you don’t have A.S. you are walking in support of someone, most likely someone you know and maybe even love. If you are on my team, you are walking for me. You might be walking to pay me back for all the times I volunteered for your charities, fundraisers and efforts. If you are on my team, you are walking for me because you might be one of the few people that I actually tell the truth to about my condition and about the inner life I lead, the life of chronic pain and the ever changing lifestyle. If you are walking on my team, you are probably walking because when I told you that I had A.S., you had to Google it…you discovered that millions of people have this disease, but practically no one knows of it.

Why do I walk?

I walk to remind myself that I still can walk. I walk because it takes me 19 steps to get to my commode in the morning and I know that there are days when I wonder just how badly do I need to visit that porcelain powerhouse, as 19 steps seems insurmountable. I walk because I have to get out of my head and my house and I have to move. I walk because I spoiled myself with a really cool pedometer last year and in my mind I must justify the expenditure as I amortize it over every step I take.

Why do you walk?

You walk because you know that it just takes one person to do the right thing, but if we team up and many of us are doing the right thing, we can change factors in our lives, communities and maybe the world. You walk because if you are on my team, you like how I motivate you. You like the Step-Badges that call out how many steps you have contributed and you like the weekly drawings for fun prizes and accolades. You walk because you know that there are some days that I can’t walk and maybe, just maybe I can lean on you when you are taking steps in my honor.

Why do I walk? Why do you walk?

We walk because we are compelled to walk together. The simple act of putting sole to pavement and using your body to amble through your day is a powerful experience and one that we shall appreciate and not forsake.
We walk because we can.
We walk because we must.
We walk because have to.

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