Tiara's Tuesday Talk – I'm Here, Aren't You?

Wait… What?
Yes I’m here, aren’t you?
What do you mean I shouldn’t be? Just because the walk is over doesn’t mean we don’t have things to talk about. I mean if you want I can go away… No? Okay. (Yes I really do talk to myself btw)


Walk Your AS Off 2013 may be coming to a close with our final, and I mean the end all number for final steps (due by today) being anxiously awaited upon, BUT this doesn’t mean we can’t still talk. Or walk. Or run. Or cycle… You get the picture.
Dude TreadmillLooks happy huh?
In all seriousness, our exercise program can be one of the most beneficial things for us. Just like a few other WYASOs, I caught myself still getting up and putting that pedometer on Sunday morning. I did it again this morning. I’ll even do it tomorrow.
get motivated pedometer
And while I might not being skipping the taxi as this ad suggests, I’m still parking further away. Why? Because next year I want to be in shape to do the million step challenge or maybe even out step some of Team Endurance. Well there is also this little benefit of activity makes us less stiff and while I found out that 3.3 miles all at once was a little too much for my sciatica and bursitis to take… My BACK made it to the finish line and THEN started to hurt. (Go me!)
spine back
The only thing we have to lose by continuing to walk is some extra fat we have laying around. I mean I think I may be the only person that gained 6 pounds during the walk but then I didn’t run or do long walks. I really just continued to keep track of my day to day steps and getting out there a little bit more than I did normally.
Of course leave it up to me to get a head cold the last week of the walk and spend 2 days on the couch doing practically nothing. Then, have pre-Senior Prom group pictures set to be at my house the same time as Walk Your AS Off 2013 was coming to its celebratory end. My poor phone was in overdrive between posting pictures and notifications! (My beauty queen is in the peachy pink)
saras daughter
So ladies and germs, I mean gentlemen, I am sorry to report that you will have to put up with me and my little chats possibly forever. Ankylosing Spondylitis is possibly one of my favorite combinations of words to try to teach people to say (right after diverticulitis which has been my favorite word since I was 9). I like to talk about it, to everyone, but even more so I like to talk to you guys. This doesn’t have to end at the finish line…
finish line
Sara Sheibley is a wife and mother of four.  Through out most of her life she has dealt with chronic illness. Born with small fiber axonal polyneuropathy, she had aches and pains early on but wasn’t diagnosed with AS until 2008. Since then she has had to champion her own cause after she developed hemalytic anemia from treatments. Although she suffers with more than just AS, she feels that this is her primary illness and wants to be active in helping the cause. Sara & her Tiara’s Tuesday Talk will discuss a myriad of topics from assistive devices to walking help when you have other illnesses to consider.

5 thoughts on “Tiara's Tuesday Talk – I'm Here, Aren't You?

  1. Kelly Warner says:

    Ya.. it ain’t over… was still walking today – 6 miles. Yay, me! I want to keep walking like my grandmother – she lived to 95. She walked everyday M-F 3.5 miles each day for at least 50 plus years. Do the math. Lots of miles! I want to live a long time. Gotta start today.

  2. Doug says:

    Way to go Sara! My only advice to you is “take your pedometer out of your pocket before you wash the clothes!” (Someone we both know has a bad habit of NOT doing that)

    • Sara Sheibley (Tiara) says:

      With 4 kids to do wash after, checking pockets is a way of life in this household. 1 red chapstick made it through and my husband was almost a crime scene. Ruined a whole load of lights. So now he diligently checks and so do I.

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