Team Spotlight – A Bunch of A.S. Kickers

Team Spotlights – by Joyce Lameire
ABunchOfASkickersA Bunch of AS Kickers was formed by Joyce Lameire out of New Mexico. She decided to get some of her co-workers to help her get some steps in order to make it to the moon! Joyce says “Most of the people who know me didn’t even know I had a disease until I started getting sick, and then it was difficult to explain to them what exactly AS is.”
Joyce started with 7 people last year and is over the moon about the fact she has more than triple that this year “I have 4 of my original team members and when I put out the call for steppers I got some family, friends, friends family members, additional co-workers and I’m happy to say 3 from across the country who chose my team over the numerous other teams out recruiting.” “Because of WYASO many people I know now KNOW what AS is and what it does to my body and for them to take the time to understand what this disease is makes all of this worthwhile.” “I started this team really to make me get out and walk, and having them, my co-workers, with me on this journey would make me get up and move!
JoyceTwibbonThis year Joyce has moved up to 22 walkers some with AS, some with RA but mostly she said “A lot of runners and downhill skiers.”
Joyce hopes that doing these awareness campaigns starts to strike some resonance throughout the medical community that there are those of us out here that need help. “If there is just one person per day who asks me “What is AS?” then what we are doing with WYASO is a good thing!”
JoyceLamierJoyce Lameire was diagnosed over 20 years ago with AS but was in remission until 2006. She fought tirelessly with medical practitioners to help her find some relief from the chronic pain that had taken over her body. She used her medical knowledge and research background to help her find different ways to heal herself. She shares her journey over the last several years by blogging ( and speaking to groups of medical practitioners. Joyce works part time as a Speech Language Pathologist and enjoys genealogy and watching good sci-fi flicks! Joyce writes our Thursday Team Spotlight. If you would like your team to be in a spotlight please send an email to [email protected].

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