New Dates For Walk Your A.S. Off 2015!


Hey walkers!

For our die hard walkers – get ready for some changes coming this year that I think will shake some things up, focus the participation into various areas, and allow us to draw more friends and family to our cause! For newcomers – WELCOME – we’re thrilled to have you join us!
A quick synopsis of WYASO 2015 (details to follow soon):
1. The official walk will now be held in the month of May with April being a training and recruiting period. Any steps taken during this time may be submitted. (more on this below)
2. Sign up friends and family for 1 to 5 weeks. More flexibility and less commitment should help get more people involved and spread awareness even more!
3. The Million Step Challenge can be undertaken anytime during the year but will have a set of specific requirements to competing in and completing the challenge. There will be levels of completion based on how many days the challenge is conducted over and whether people are using an internet tracking/verifying device. The ultimate challenge will be a charity event with a fee for registration and prizes for completion and dollars raised.
4. Starting on April 1st, steps can be submitted at any time year round by a team captain or registed walker.
Our Primary Goals have not changed – they remain as follows:
1. Support people living with a form of Spondylitis – the world over – become more active by focusing on increasing the amount of walking they do.
2. Increase the level of awareness and knowledge by the general public about Spondylitis and the family of diseases.
3. Use our walk to help our partner charities raise money for research for a cure!
We hope to see you all soon as you start to gather your teams together (registration open March 1st) – please make sure you are on our email list and are following us on our Facebook Page and twitter account!
Looking forward to an amazing 2015!
My very best,
Jennifer Visscher
Founder, Walk Your A.S. Off
*We are looking for people interesting in contributing blog postings during the 2015 event. Please email [email protected] if you are interested.
*We are looking for corporate sponsorship – please email for more information.

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