AS Bloggers Carnivals During Walk Your A.S. Off!

A Blog Carnival is a blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. We wish to share the many amazing ASer blogs here during Walk Your A.S. Off & we’ll have 4 carnivals & topics to share your blogs & sites with our worldwide audience. Feel free to submit a new blog post or a post you’ve done on this subject before. Our primary walk goal is to raise awareness and your words & efforts are so important to doing this because you share what a life with AS is like. Also – we have three dates we are still deciding on topics for – please comment below to suggest a topic!
Our first Blog Carnival is on February 28th the day before we start our walk! Please email us your post link the day before the carnival dates to be included.
Blog Carnival Topics:
February 28th (Blog link due February 27) – What does raising awareness mean to you? The Good, the bad, & the ugly! This topic is broad on purpose. Share your feelings about what it means to raise awareness of Spondylitis: this does not need to relate to our walk. Please email your link by February 27th to be included.
March 20th (Blog link due March 19th) – How to deal with people who give advice.  Yes, people with AS often hear about a miracle cure, a special diet, or that the person you are sharing your condition with say, “yeah, my back hurts too.” These are moments to grasp, to educate, and to turn an uneducated person into one who is AWARE! But, we also want to hear your thoughts on these encounters. It can be very difficult to deal with this type of situation. What do you do?
April 17th (Blog link due April 16th) – How do you find a balance between educating people (and giving a realistic view of life with spondylitis) with staying positive and keeping a life that doesn’t become all about the disease we fight? Please email your link to [email protected] by April 16th to be included.
May 1st (Blog link due April30th) – Give us the low down. How did you find participating in Walk Your A.S. Off? We want the straight skinny – positives & negatives – so that we may provide the best experience possible next year. Also – ideas welcome! Give us all ya got! Please email your link to [email protected] by April 30th to be included.
Thank you to all AS Bloggers who participate!

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