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Hello and welcome to Fitness Fridays!!.

My name is Helgi Spencer Olafson and I am an amateur endurance athlete, health activist for A.S., highly skilled executive chef, and a “Jack of all trades.” I love mother nature and everything she has to offer. I am excited to be able to train to become a professional triathlete on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Most of all, I am excited to be able to share my experience with this paradise with everyone in this Challenge. I ask only one thing from my audience: If you become inspired to make positive healthy changes to your life because of what you learn in Fitness Fridays, please support the Helgi Olafson Foundation so that I can continue to help others in need around the world.


We have informative Twitter chat sessions planned for every Friday during the 65-day Walk Your A.S. OFF!! Challenge.
Knowledgeable professional and amateur athletes and experts from around the world join in on our #FITCHATFRIDAY (Fitness Chat Friday)group chat for #WYASO(Walk Your A.S. OFF).  Some of them have A.S. and have done remarkable things as athletes, and for A.S. awareness.  Some of them just really know there *$#!+.


The schedule has not yet been set in stone and I am still lining up all of the guest’s so please contact me if you are interested in participating. For our first chat on March 1st:
“The Training Plan” with Professional Fitness Coach Rick Rubio of Kona Personal Trainer (Friday March 1st, 1 p.m. Hawaii Time)
-Find out where you should start and learn the benefits of setting goals and the value of smart training to achieve these goals.


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Here are some of the subjects we will touch on in these Twitter Chat sessions.

-Stretching and Working Out with A.S.( video by Helgi with instruction by Coach Rick Rubio)
-Triathlon Training Gear handmade by Julie Gix of Oomph! Sports
-Doctor recommended
-What it means to train and race for a cause w/ special guests who race for their own cause
-Swimming and A.S.
-Video and explanation of proper long distance swim
-Professional swim coaches
-Cycling and A.S.
-Ultra Marathon Cycling Association, Bike Works Beach and Sports
-Smart Running
-Shoe experts
-Skora Running
-Ultra runners
-What are the best ways to recovery from exercise
-Doctor recommended
-MYSTERY TOPIC????????????
-Nutrition and supplements
-Special guest nutritionists Jean Hull and Karolina Wanke
-Todd Wanke of Niupure.
-PocketFuel Naturals
-Team ENDURANCE Spotlight
-Chris Cwiklinski
-Diarmuid Brannick
-Joe Eder
-Tariq Ty Gangari
-Joel Stratte-Mclure


I look forward to spending our Fitness Fridays with you as we Walk Our A.S. Off together!


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