Monday Motivation – The Stars Shine For You

Musical Motivation Monday – by Heather Stewart
Greetings AS-tronauts! Here we are striding past the half way mark of this leg of our journey to Mars. I don’t know about you but this is when my motivation starts to wane. Last week we talked about our frustration with being sick; that frustration evolves as you realize your step counts barely break 1000/day let alone 5000. It is this disappointment with your lower than expected step count that can lead to a lack of motivation.
I was having trouble trying to figure out what to write this week. I was continuously berating myself about low step counts and I just couldn’t find a way to be upbeat and able to motivate anyone, let alone myself. Then Wednesday I went to lunch with my friend Tom for his 84th birthday. Tom has MS and had to have one of his legs amputated from the knee down, but Tom has been all smiles and full of energy. I asked Tom how often he gets out these days and he said “Oh, about once a week”. I thought if Tom can be motivated to get out and about once a week, then surely I can be motivated even with my low step counts. When I returned from lunch I saw this quote in the @RockinWeebles Twitter feed, (I don’t remember who posted it, I’m sorry) “Whatever I am capable of doing today is enough. Sometimes I have a lot to give and sometimes I don’t, either way it’s okay.” This just reinforced what I had gathered from lunch with Tom. By the way, Tom has been a cheerleader for our walk since last year!
Remember, your step count may be small and you may not be happy about it, but you are part of something bigger. The stars shine for you. Every step brings us closer to Mars so don’t give up.




Heatherstewart2Heather Stewart was a state champion baton twirler and champion dancer. During graduate school she started experiencing chronic pain & fatigue but even with a family history of AS, she was told people of color could not have AS. After seeing her grandfather’s Rheumatologist she was finally diagnosed. Heather channels her active mind with floral arrangement, crocheting, scrapbooking, volunteering, singing in a barbershop chorus, reading, spending time with family, playing with her dogs and quilting. Heather Stewart is the author/coach for our Musical Motivation Monday blog.
Heather is one of our Walk Ambassadors & Team Captain of The Rockin’ Weebles!

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