Sabrina's Daily Dose – Exercise

Sabrina’s Daily Dose: Exercise
I hear many Spondylitis patients say all the things they can’t do regarding exercise. Now I’m not going to dispute that there are days exercise is physically not possible but I will dispute that we can’t do it at all. I know fully fused Spondys that Move Their AS still. They may not be doing jumping jacks or running a marathon but they are stretching their stiff bodies and doing whatever they can to keep mobility as long as they can. I am not able to do exercise like others or as long as others but I CAN DO IT!
When I started “working out” I was unable to walk from the crippling pain of my first AS flare. I HAD to go to work and I HAD to take care of my kids so I started there. I parked the car a little further away from work and walked my kids to and from school. I went to physical therapy and got some no stress stretching routines that I used several times a day from a chair, the couch, or even my bed. Taking on frequent tasks to gather things others in the office needed helped me get out of that chair and move throughout the day. I worked in everything I could. Then I remembered an old dusty pilates video someone gave me years back that I had done less than a handful of times. I talked to my Rheumatologist about it and with her blessing I was off.
I did not routinely workout in any way shape or form till my diagnosis. I am now able to do pilates, yoga, cycling, and hiking. I do not do them all at once but I do at least one of them every day. I don’t let much slow me down either. This is not because the disease isn’t ravaging my body it’s because I’ve found ways around the disease. I will share my tricks in hopes they will help you. If you have tricks or tips that help you MOVE YOUR AS, let us know. Share them so we can all benefit.
Tomorrow’s Daily Dose will be about Hiking & Yoga, I hope you will join me & leave a comment or question.
Sabrina Diane

Sabrina Diane was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2007 after a family road trip left her unable to walk.  She received a diagnosis on her first visit to a doctor because unbeknownst to her, Ankylosing Spondylitis had been attacking her since the age of five.  She thought the hurt was normal but once she realized how serious A.S. is, she began researching news articles and blogs written by the strongest AS Warriors that fight this battle with her!  She decided to fight to raise awareness through sharing what she’s learned through her Facebook page Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness Every April during Spondylitis Awareness Month, you can get a “Daily Dose” that will talk about how to deal with A.S. and spread the word about just what A.S. really is.  Sabrina enjoys her life beyond Ankylosing Spondylitis with her two beautiful children and family.  Sabrina says, “I realize that I need to be thankful for what I have and not dwell on what’s to come!” Sabrina is also team captain of The Spirited Spondys and one of the page admins for the Walk Your A.S. Off facebook page and The Million Step Challenge facebook page!

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