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The Places We Walk

The Walking Spondies: Jungle Trekking in Thailand

Team Captain’s Note from Carrie Kellenberger: I’d like to introduce my friends, Dean and Hedway. They recently vacationed in Thailand and were kind enough to think of contributing a massive hike in Thailand for The Walking Spondies. Thank you both so much for even entertaining the thought of doing a hike for The Walking Spondies this month while you were vacationing in beautiful Thailand. We appreciate your support so much. I’ve done a number of jungle treks in Asia. This one looks terrifying, but what an incredible view! Here is Dean’s recap: I wanted to use some of my time on vacation… Read More »The Walking Spondies: Jungle Trekking in Thailand

The Walking Spondies Night Walker April Event Recap

Hi folks! I’m Carrie Kellenberger, and I’m Team Captain of The Walking Spondies in Taiwan. We’re an international team comprised of walkers from Canada, the US, the UK, Taiwan, and Australia. We held our first official Walk Your AS Off/WalkASOne event on Thursday, April 16th at CKS Memorial Hall in Taipei. This was also our first organized team walk, and we chose to host a night walk at the suggestion of one of our team runners, David Mitchell. Thank you for the fantastic idea, David, and thank you for getting there early to track the time and distance. Setting personal goals and… Read More »The Walking Spondies Night Walker April Event Recap

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kinsella

Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kinsella by Chris Scott    Hello Walkers!! We are down to the wire, and are just about ready to touch down on the moon!! We need everybody to really kick in those steps so that we can make it to our goal. This week’s Spotlight Walker comes to us from The Rockin’ Weebles. I’d like for everybody to meet Kinsella. Kinsella is married and lives in Japan, where she is and English teacher at a Junior College. Here is her story… “Hello, my name is Kinsella. On my daily walks I usually take it slow so I… Read More »Wednesday Walker Spotlight – Kinsella